Chiropractic for Lower Back and Hip Pain

Chiropractic for Lower Back and Hip Pain

Back pain is very common. But that doesn’t mean it should be a normal part of your daily life. 

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Sciatica (radiating or shooting pain down one or both legs)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain while sitting, walking, moving or getting out of bed
  • Feeling stiff or walking with a limp
  • Muscle spasms from the lower back down

Although it seems much easier to take medication to ease back pain, it’s not a sustainable solution and it won’t stop the pain from coming back.

Quite often, the cause of lower back or hip pain is an imbalance of your spine or pelvis. This makes your muscles overcompensate and it creates a domino effect throughout your nervous system. By taking medication, you’re telling your brain that the problem isn’t there, even when nothing has been fixed. But by correcting the position of your spine, your nerves calm their signals and your muscles can relax.

At our office, we have seen way too much back pain. We don’t want your body to be in that state! We look firstly at your spine and correct any imbalances to give your nerves a break. Then we address any lifestyle factors like your posture when you’re driving, or the mattress you sleep on, or the shoes you wear so that we can train your body to hold itself correctly and keep that pain away.

With all the back pain we’ve seen, there have been just as many unexpected causes (could it really be something as simple as your wallet in your pocket??)  We know that this pain can be complex and temperamental, so we will build on your spinal corrections by helping you make any changes in your lifestyle that could be aggravating it.  This includes exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and more. We know your body is capable of so much more than just being pain-free…and we know how to get you there.