Chiropractic for Neck pain

Chiropractic for Neck pain

We know first-hand how much neck pain can affect your quality of life. We also know how to manage and reduce the impact it has on your schedule

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Muscular tension at the base of your skull and neck
  • Head tilt in your posture
  • Relief (temporary) of pain with massage, heat or stretching
  • Stiff neck, especially when turning
  • Reduced movement of your neck (or less movement on one side)
  • Headaches or arm pain

If you are experiencing anything on this list, chances are that your spine could be out of alignment and making your nervous system work hard.  Medication may give you temporary relief. But the imbalance needs to be corrected to get a long-term fix.

Did you know that your spine reacts to your lifestyle? And then your nervous system and brain function reacts to your spine. At our office we look to the spine first, and then address other contributors to find a sustainable solution for you. This means less masking of the problem and more focus on addressing the problem naturally. We know that a temporary fix is not what you’re looking for!

When you come in to see us, we will review your medical history and complete a thorough examination to see how much your spine is contributing to your neck pain.  We know that this pain can be complex and temperamental, so we will build on your spinal corrections by helping you make any changes in your lifestyle that could be aggravating it.  This includes exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and more. We know your body is capable of so much more than just being pain-free…and we know how to get you there.