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We’re constantly growing and expanding our team, and at times on the lookout for the right person that will compliment our team, if there’s a role available you’ll find it here.

Current opportunities and job vacancies:

Reception and office support roles

There are no current vacancies for reception, office support or Chiropractic Assistant roles at the moment, but if you think you may want to work with us in the future, please get in touch and we’ll keep you in mind when something comes up.

Practitioner Roles

We like to have a bit of fun, as such fluency in meme-speak is also considered an essential skill to working in our office

We have practitioner roles available for chiropractors, and we are keen to find a passionate and motivated chiropractor to join us in our central Tauranga practice.  Our current experienced chiropractors are in high demand, so it is time to expand the team to make our services more accessible for patients.

If you’ve taken a look around website you’ll see that we pride ourselves in providing principled chiropractic care to patients of all ages and states of health, we also like to have a bit of fun doing what we love!

Can you bring something new and exciting to our team barbeques? Are you skilled in ‘accidentally’ wearing matching shirts to the office? Does your garden or fruit tree have something other than lemons or avocados? If you have a very tiny ego and a whole lot of humour, then you might be the one to click with our team.  You will be working with a dynamic and collaborative team who enjoy discussing complex cases over a coconut latte or strategic meal. We are primarily a paperless practice where fluency in meme-speak is also considered an essential skill and feeding the reception staff is encouraged where strategically placed treats may get your recall list completed in record time.

Our Chiropractors are comfortable delivering a manual adjustment, while drawing upon Diversified, Activator, Drop Table, AK and SOT. The right person would ideally use these techniques in delivering their care.

We work from a strengths-based model and you will be supported by a range of different strengths in our team from people skills to task focused. We enjoy coming together to enhance each other’s best attributes and it’s important that you can identify and foster your own strengths as well as those of the people around you.  

Autonomy within our team environment is a core component of how we operate. You could be a new grad developing your emerging skillset, or you may be an experienced chiropractor with a wealth of knowledge you would like to share. We know every situation is different and you will find that we have a reasonable and collaborative approach to creating working arrangements that suit everyone involved. We are happy to discuss the finer details based on what you would like your role to look like. 

We are equipped and keen to support the right person regardless of their level of experience. If you are motivated and passionate about chiropractic and believe you are the right fit for our team, or just want to know more, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Mindy Morgan, Office Manager on the details below.Mindy Morgan – Precision Chiropractic Manager –

Come work WITH us, not for us!

We’ve strived to build a practice and work environment that strikes a great balance between work and fun. At the same time I want our whole team to achieve their own success and feel part of the Precision Chiropractic Family

Dr Ed Roper, Principal Chiropractor, Precision Chiropracic

“I Love working with the team at Precision Chiropractic. Great support, occasional matching shirts, coffee drinkers!

We’re more a family team then a work team.”

Dr Ali McMaster, Associate Chiropractor, Precision Chiropractic