What is a NeuroStructural Shift

“We focus on detecting and correcting NeuroStructural shifts in your spine so that the body can function efficiently and heal on its own without any strain or interference”

Just as your car has warning gauges that tell you when something is wrong, or abnormal, within health theNormal Structurere is a wide variety of what is normal. We can understand what a fever is because we know what the normal temperature is, or know what high blood pressure is because we are aware of the normal range. While nobody is structurally perfect, in the same manner our spine has a normal range and an optimal position of it’s structure and alignment. 

A NeuroStructural shift occurs when areas of the spine shift away from their normal position (or alignment), thus loosing their normal function and affecting the nerve system due to their association with the spine. Because the nerve system controls all the functions in your body, it makes sense that an underlying shift of the spine (a NeuroStructural Shift) could be the cause of many varying degrees of symptoms and problems.

It’s a bit like this – Think about your nerves as if they were like the wires that carried the signal that came from your TV antenna and traveled to your television. If there is some kind of blockage that interferes with that signal, you may find your television displays a picture or sound that is not correct, clear or even nothing at all!   Thinking along the same lines, what would you expect to happen if a spinal segment shifted and put pressure on a nerve, interfering with its normal function?

Our office focuses on detecting and correcting these shifts so that the body can function efficiently and heal on its own without any strain.