What are Secondary Conditions

“… your symptoms may be an indicator of a more significant underlying condition.”

Just as uneven tyre wear is evidence of an underlying problem with your steering, or a warning light on your dashboard indicates a potential problem with your engine, your body’s warning system – your “symptoms,”which is not limited to pain, may be an indicator of a more significant underlying condition.  The term Secondary Conditions is used because they are usually a result of a NeuroStructural Shift (primary underlying condition) which when present can cause strain on the spinal cord and the nerve system, potentially creating a myriad of Secondary Conditions.

Some of the Secondary Conditions (symptoms) that may be caused by a NeuroStructural Shift include:

Secondary conditions, such as pain and symptoms are frequently the cause of underlying conditions

Neck & Back Pain
Poor Posture
Numbness & Tingling
Sciatica & Hip Pain
Headaches (including Migraine)
Muscular Spasm & Tension
Pinched Nerve
Poor Balance
Dizziness / Vertigo
Disc Injury
Decreased Motion
Degenerative Joint & Disc Disease
Muscular Imbalance
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Arm & Shoulder Pain