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Having  your body functioning at its best?

Booking your first appointment or Complimentary Chat with us could be the first step in your new healthcare journey – my team and I would love to meet you!” Dr Edward Roper – Principal Chiropractor

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Our purpose is to not just to reduce pain, but to help your body function at its highest capacity.  
We aim to provide you with exceptional care and one of the best chiropractor services in Tauranga.   We understand that choosing the right office for your health concerns can be a very personal and important exercise. At the same time people often mention stories they’ve heard about chiropractors that have left them sceptical. Be assured, we understand this. It’s one of the reasons we offer a Complimentary Chat for all new patients, with no obligation to move forward with care, this helps us to help you best!

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Our results speak for themselves

We’re here to give you excellent care and help you reach your goals. Just ask our patients about their success stories. Will you be the next one?

Chiropractic Helps with Movement

We’re here for the whole family

Our team understand families. Our family chiropractic care and approach is uniquely tailored so that everyone can be part of your next adventure.

Your wellbeing is our focus

Thriving health means more than just being pain free. Understanding your body’s needs and helping you manage them appropriately leads to better health and wellness!

Wellness and Chiropractic CareMember of the New Zealand Chiropractor Assocation
New Zealand Chiropractic Board Registered Chiropractor
ACC Registered Chiropractor