Toxic Load and Wellbeing

by | May 7, 2018

We live in a world of unintentional exposure to a multitude of toxins. Our bodies are not designed to handle the various man-made chemicals and synthetic products that we deal with daily. These toxins can have a profound effect on your body’s immunity and general wellbeing. Even some of our own hormones and chemicals that our body makes, or the nutrients we get through food can increase load and toxicity in our bodies. We encourage you to reduce your exposure where it’s possible, so here are some ideas…

Let’s take copper, for example. Your body needs it to produce red blood cells, form collagen, absorb iron, and keep your energy and immunity ticking along. It’s generally found in most of your body’s tissues so it’s an important mineral to maintain (although deficiencies aren’t very common). But too much (or too little) of it can be toxic to your body and cause a range of problems.

Some of you may have heard me talk about my brother, Hayden, or you’ve met him in the office. Up until six years ago he was just like me. He was very active, played football, and was an assistant manager building his career. But in his mid-20s he gradually became unwell. So unwell that he now requires assistance most of the day. He is re-learning to walk, talk and do daily tasks (you can read more of his story here).  Hayden has Wilson’s Disease, and it’s due to an overload of toxic copper. The disease is a slight gene defect which means his body does not clear or detoxify itself of copper very well. In Hayden’s case, the copper has accumulated over time and injured parts of his brain. Basically, too much copper (which our body does need in small amounts) has become toxic for Hayden.

Your body may process copper just fine. But what about something else like gluten? Or dairy? Or man-made chemicals like aluminium which is found in deodorants, artificial sweeteners, and many other products that your body is exposed to every day. An overload of something your body considers a toxin can be damaging to your health over time.

We absorb the elements that we’re exposed to – whether they’re toxic or healthy. Both good and bad elements are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the products we put on our skin and hair. Much of this seems unavoidable, but every little bit we can do to reduce our exposure to the bad is making it easier for our bodies to function well and build up the good.

Here in our office, we want to educate and offer alternative products for people who are keen to reduce the toxic load on their systems. We know these substitutions make US feel better! Try some of the following natural alternatives to daily products:

your skin

  • No3 offers all-natural deodorants, shaving creams, nappy balms, soaps and more. You can find their products in our office or grab them online from their website. There are also many natural makeup and skincare ranges out there if you look around!

your home

  • There are so many chemical-free cleaning, laundry, and hygiene products available. Ask us about what we use in our homes!

your food

  • We encourage you to take advantage of the various markets in your area and find local vendors offering spray-free and organic produce. When our patients bring in homegrown produce, we love sharing it around with you!

your environment

  • Visit Natalie at Lifestyle Fitness for some fresh air and an exercise session outdoors (or in her beautiful studio).
  • Try diffusing some essential oils if you’re inside. They’re much safer than air fresheners or scented candles! The Dolphin Clinic is a Tauranga-based company who supply pure essential oils and there are tons of others out there. Ask us about blends we’ve tried for energy, pain relief, and stress reduction.

The more awareness we have of things like toxic load, the better we can look after our health. A lot of people are looking for natural alternatives and they ARE out there – do ask us!  We have some of the above products in our office and we’re happy to connect you with vendors for anything else we’ve suggested.

In terms of Hayden – he is progressing well and we’re seeing improvements. He’s on specific treatment which helps clear the excess copper out of his body. By maintaining his treatment (including regular chiropractic care) and reducing the copper that he’s exposed to through food, his system is now better supported to thrive and rebuild itself.

Talk with us at your next appointment about ways to reduce your toxic load. If you have friends or family who could use our help, bring them in for a complimentary chat. We’d love to meet them!

About the Author Dr Edward Roper

Ed has been practicing in Tauranga since 2009, and established Precision Chiropractic in 2012. Prior to this, Ed spent several years in a chiropractic practice in Albany, Auckland.

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